Luxury cos-medical skin treatments with instant results, our customised facials will be tailored to your skin and skin needs to hydrate, protect, repair and prevent ageing.

Newcastle skin treatments and customised facials

The Beauté Signature

Mythical massage in 42 movements invented by Nadia Payot, for a relaxing effect.

Skin Coaching

Unique and customised skin coaching treatments that will answer essential needs of the daily skin concerns. The skin’s will be balanced, nourished and radiant with an immediate look of health.

Mayerling is an Australian multi award winning cosmeceutical company | Skin Fitness Products
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Precision Treatments

High Precision Expert treatments and innovative formula’s, the absolute necessity for intensive correction of skin concerns boosting firmness, smoothness while oxygenating the skin from within to boost all of the vital cell functions for increased overall skin health.

Le Supreme

An exceptional global anti-ageing experience with specific protocol and using 100% natural ingredients targeting anti-aging and will act simultaneously on wrinkles, slackening skin, dull complexion and dark spot correction.

Exceptional attention for this complete program: a pearl scrub to refine and brighten, the famous 42-Movement Massage with a firming balm, a mask with silver pigments to reduce the effects of ageing. A complete treatment for a truly exceptional experience.

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Give yourself the gift of beauty. Your facial treatment will be tailored to you with a professional and personal approach. 


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